A Heart for Children

A Heart for ChildrenKALOS is particularly concerned about children’s welfare. Children are very precious with unique personalities and represent our future. At the same time, they are the weakest members of every society. Taking this into account, we want children to have positive experiences, to improve their social competence and to create an encouraging vision for the future of children in Moldova. Therefore, we try to provide orphans or half-orphans as well as children from socially disadvantaged families with whatever is needed within the financial limits based on donations we receive.

A Heart for ChildrenHow do we know which children are needy? We know because we cooperate closely with local authorities, local churches and Dubossary’s youth welfare department.
Since the impoverished country is not able to financially support the orphanages, orphans stay with close relatives or in foster care and are cared for there.

A Heart for Children These children are supported by KALOS and are provided with essential school supplies as well as sweets at Easter and Christmas. Furthermore, they are given the opportunity to participate in the children’s summer camp.
Learn more about how we relate to children by looking at our aid projects.



Please note

Due to the large number of cases of child abuse on the Internet, it is important to KALOS that the exact ways in which help is administered are and remain transparent. The orphans in Moldova/Transnistria receive only material aid. There is no personal contact between the children and the donors.
Under no circumstances are arrangements ever made to take the children out of Moldova.




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