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KALOS is mainly involved in the eastern province of Moldova, which borders the Ukraine on three sides. This area, also known as Transnistria, gained independence after the civil war in 1992. But unfortunately, no country except Russia accepts the sovereignty and independence of this region. Consequently, the EU has withdrawn all financial support from Transnistria.

This political situation deeply affects the economy. Only a few factories in Transnistria produce goods which are sold outside the region (mainly to Russia or the Ukraine). There is only a single textile factory that produces goods ordered from abroad (Germany). Furthermore, since infrastructure does not exist and factories in rural areas are destroyed, the majority of the population (mostly from rural areas) live close to the poverty line.

It is particularly the elderly people, families with many children and orphans who live in need. They partially live in unbelievably poor socio-economic circumstances: have no access to healthy food, clothes and are unable to heat their homes. They basically cannot live dignified lives.
Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe.




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